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The deLaski Family Foundation funds Enstitute, A New Model of Higher Education

Partnership to plan expansion of apprenticeship based learning model nationwide

(NEW YORK, NY.) February 27, 2013 - The deLaski Family Foundation today announced a grant in the amount of $100,000 to Enstitute, a nonprofit, two-year apprenticeship-based education model. The grant will be allocated to support the research, design and building of a well-rounded supplemental curriculum and market-based credentialing program.

Enstitute launched its inaugural class of 11 fellows in the fall of 2012 as a pilot to test a new model of apprenticeship-based higher education with top technology startups. With the pilot programming successfully underway, Enstitute will be expanding to two new industries, Digital Media/Advertising and Nonprofit/Social Good, and increasing the fellow class size by 3X with over 50 hiring partners, including Tumblr, The Huffington Post, The New Republic, and General Assembly . It was Enstitute’s innovative approach to higher education that attracted The deLaski Family Foundation.

The deLaski Family Foundation invests in social visionaries, focusing on education, arts and well-being. President Kathleen deLaski stated "We picked Enstitute because of our confidence in the vision and early success of the founders, who put a stake in the ground to demonstrate a new approach to college or grad school. Instead of students lining up a short internship in the summer, Enstitute’s rich fulltime paid experience becomes the general ed curriculum and other coursework is built around it.”

Kathleen continued, “Our goal is to help Enstitute marry its unique advanced career preparation and mentoring program with the experiences, competencies and credentials that a traditional university student acquires.”

The program was built on an apprenticeship model that provides an alternative or supplemental path to traditional post secondary education. The deLaski Family Foundation believes that Co-Founders Kane Sarhan and ShailaIttycheriawill be able to create a "best of both worlds": career training and liberal arts education.

“This grant will provide us with the initial support we need to create a new model of education and credentialing system around apprenticeships,” says Kane Sarhan, Co-Founder of Enstitute. “The deLaski Family Foundation has become an early partner in what we hope to be a national movement and we are excited to have such experienced education funders on board.”

Enstitute has built in a design lab with a wide range of advisors from several disciplines: entrepreneurship, academia, government, and students – all are coming together to recommend strategies that could benefit not just the students in Enstitute’s program, but also the higher education and workforce development sectors.