What is social impact? For us, it’s making our communities healthier, more equitable, and more inspiring.

Our unit of change is the social visionary. He or she may be an entrepreneur, an investor, an academic, in government or a non-profit. It’s an exciting time to be in philanthropy. In the hyper-connected age all these groups are able to form rich partnerships leveraging information, ideas and people.

They are blending old style grit with new style design thinking, and resolving to finance societal requirements that fall between the cracks of government and business.

Philanthropy’s role is to seed this change. It’s much easier these days to test fund or provide the strategy support that might ignite the next education model or the arts preservation strategy.

We support traditional forms of philanthropy for the charities that will never find a business model, but philanthropy can be “smart money” that points the way to social impact through sustainable or semi-sustainable organizations and partnerships.

We believe that successful for-profit entrepreneurs should team up with non-profit change agents to address social sector challenges together.