• The Parent Institute for Quality Education celebrates another graduation party. Overall, PIQE has enhanced the lives of 1.5 million students.

  • PIQE creates a community in which parents and educators collaborate to transform the child's educational environment. More than 533,000 parents have graduated from the program.

  • PIQE’s philosophy is based on the premise that all parents love their children and want a better future for them.

  • Researchers from San Diego State University showed that among Latino families who participated in PIQE’s Parent Engagement in Education Program 93% of students graduated from high school.

  • The California Partnership of Achieving Student Success (Cal-PASS) showed that, when compared to their peers, students whose parents completed PIQE’s program performed better in high school.

Parent Institute for Quality Education


Transforming each child's educational environment.

The Parent Institute for Quality Education (PIQE) creates partnerships between parents, students and educators to further students’ academic success, particularly “first in family” college hopefuls, who may not have experience with college track courses and preparations. PIQE runs Parent Involvement Education sessions, through which parents meet once a week for nine weeks to learn about developmental and academic topics appropriate to elementary, middle, or high school. The parents also meet with the school principal and participate in a graduation ceremony.


The vision of PIQE is working to create a community in which parents and teachers collaborate to transform each child's educational environment, both at home and at school, so that all children can achieve their greatest academic potential.


Since the program started in 1987, PIQE has served more than 500,000 parents and more than 1.5 million students. Many have graduated from community colleges, state colleges and universities. Longitudinal studies have demonstrated a measurable increase of college-going rates among PIQE families.

The Foundation has supported PIQE’s work in California, which has reached more than 1,600 schools in 160 different school districts in the state and received six annual awards of excellence. Through its partnership with the California State University system, children of PIQE graduates now receive a “College Admission Certificate” reserving them spots at the university once they graduate from high school and meet all of the admission requirements.

The Foundation also helped to found and support PIQE’s program in the DC metro area, which has partnered with 19 schools in five area school districts and graduated 621 parents in Virginia, Maryland and the DC Metropolitan Area since 2008.