• CWB staff and friends at a CWB sponsored public screening of the “Happy” documentary, with Hollywood producer and film director Roko Belic (center), George Mason University

  • CWB students in the Mindful Living Residential Community experience a ropes challenge course during a retreat at The EDGE.

  • Dr. Nance Lucas, Executive Director, speaking at CWB’s Leading to Well-being Conference.

  • Positive psychologist and CWB Senior Scholar Dr. Beth Cabrera (left) at CWB’s Living and Leading With Resilience conference, George Mason University

  • Congressman Tim Ryan signs his book, A Mindful Nation, for CWB students at CWB’s Fall for the Book event, George Mason University

Center for the Advancement of Well-Being at George Mason University

Health & Well-being

Focusing on strengths and increasing the levels of engagement through high quality relationships

The Center for the Advancement of Well-Being (CWB) works to promote human well-being through interdisciplinary research, education, and practices informed by science. CWB is leading efforts to create a well-being university at George Mason University with the goal of replicating this model around the world to transform higher education institutions. CWB creates a ripple effect that inspires greater levels of resilience, purpose, and meaning among students and faculty. As an interdisciplinary and multi-faceted center, CWB hosts faculty, research affiliates, and visiting scholars in disciplines and fields including psychology, education, the humanities, leadership studies, engineering, and neuropsychology.


CWB’s work impacts individuals of all ages, with a major focus on college students, to assist them in achieving greater levels of flourishing and meaning and purpose. Through an interdisciplinary approach, CWB spans diverse fields to advance the science and practices of well-being. With an emphasis on theory, research, teaching, and practice, this comprehensive center attracts scholars, practitioners, and students from diverse disciplines and fields around the world. Its work seeks to encourage individuals and organizations to focus on their strengths and increase their levels of engagement through high quality relationships.


Since its launch in 2009, CWB has directly served approximately thousands of individuals. Through funding provided by the deLaski Family Foundation, CWB inspires individuals of all ages to live a life full of meaning and purpose; grounded in safety, mindfulness, and self-awareness; and infused with inquiry and curiosity. Recent evaluation measures have produced the following early indicators of success:

● Every major program has received high evaluation scores (academic courses, conferences, living-learning community, and the advanced coaching certificate).

● Students report growth in self-awareness and efficacy, enhanced capacity to respond to stressful and challenging situations and environments, and a greater ability to articulate what it means to live a purposeful life.

● Students and program participants report higher levels of confidence and skills in connecting formal knowledge on positive psychology, mindfulness studies, leadership studies, and neuropsychology to real world situations.

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